Craig S. Webb

Lecturer of Microeconomic Theory, The University of Manchester.


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SAET slides.

Research Papers:

  1. Purely subjective variational preferences. Forthcoming in Economic Theory.
  2. Piecewise linear rank-dependent utility. Forthcoming in Theory and Decision.
  3. Continuous quasi-hyperbolic discounting. In The Journal of Mathematical Economics.
  4. Piecewise additivity for nonexpected utility. In Economic Theory.
  5. An extension of quasi-hyperbolic discounting to continuous time, with Jinrui Pan and Horst Zank. In Games and Economic Behavior.
  6. Accounting for optimism and pessimism in expected utility, with Horst Zank. In The Journal of Mathematical Economics.
  7. Bargaining with subjective mixtures. In Economic Theory.